We create unique drawings - chocotoy

Chocotoy is a design and illustration company unique in the market, focused on the creative direction to form and promote brands. Being the one in charge to highlight and perform the company’s objectives with the highest commercial value.

We specialize in the design and creation of 2D and 3D characters, logos and typographies. Creating integral solutions to our customers. With a unique and particular style that defines us, excelling and creating new trends.


Who we are:

We are a team of entrepreneurs, with more than 7 years of experience. Our team is formed by multiple designers with great experience in the market, along with highly qualified, creative members capable of elaborating various proposals and solutions to our clients.

We have a highly professional and trained team which has lead us to work hand in hand with major brands internationally, leaving our name “Chocotoy” as a standard of design and fashion.

In Chocotoy, our focus is drawn to contribute in a unique and creative way in regards to our client’s needs. We are in charge of finding solutions in each of the aspects of the clients da-to-day live.

By giving fulfilling our mission, we generate optimal solutions in a short term spam. We are responsible for providing new ideas with our unique and representative style, and focusing on adding a greater value to the client’s needs.


Fill with color a unique and modern style every aspect of the design. Being a leading brand, we create more opportunities for growth, and more opportunities for entrepreneurs, products and companies.


Chocotoy provides the highest quality and service, being an excellence reference in design and fashion.


All of our products are created with love highlighting quality and professionalism that we have within our company and our team. Always providing the best from our team in order to achieve the best outcome to our clients.

The creativity and love we have, are our main values which motivates us to believe that we can always achieve more. In Chocotoy, we are the main responsible providers in order to give the best outcome possible to our cliental.